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Pierre Martineau will speak at Festival of Biologics (Mar 29th – Apr 1st)

Pierre Martineau will present his works on “Rationally Engineered human antibody libraries and their use for the selection of therapeutic monoclonal antibodies” during the next Festival of Biologics – session will be on Thursday Apr 1st, 6.20pm (CET) / 9.20am (PT)

Pierre will discuss the following subjects :

Library design and construction in scFv and Fab formats for improved developability and functional diversity. Based on a single framework, we have developed several generations of antibody libraries. In its last design, the library is essentially devoid of potential post-translational modification sites and gives rise to highly expressed antibody molecules. The synthetic design also facilitates the selection pathway in particular when using next generation sequencing to analyze antibody repertoires.

A new display system to couple phage display in Fab format with IgG selection in mammalian cells. We have developed a new phage display system in E coli that allows a direct reformatting of the antibody fragments as full-length IgG in mammalian cells. The system permits an initial screening by phage display for the first panning steps followed by a second selection on mammalian cell by surface display in a IgG format, and a test of the full-length glycosylated antibodies produced in the supernatant. By coupling phage display and mammalian cell expression, the system associates the better of both worlds, that are the use of very large libraries of antibodies with direct functional characterization in the final therapeutic IgG format.

The Mabqi team will be happy to answer your questions regarding this talk, our technologies and our services during the whole meeting through the swapcard app for attendees or directly through our contact page.


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